Always start with the end in mind.

When a person calls us it is typically because they’re having a really bad day. They may have found that a spouse or significant other—or even a business partner—is cheating on them. After discussing a strategy, the prospective client typically then asks, “How much will this cost me?”

It’s a reasonable question but it also belies the fact that the real costs are things other than the investigation itself. Here are five things to keep in mind when pondering the cost of an investigation:

  1. Legal fees associated with a contested divorce are exponentially greater than the cost of the investigation
  2. Your lawyer’s case will only be as good as the underlying investigation you provide them.
  3. Having the goods on an errant spouse can help head off expensive litigation and get you an expeditious resolution.
  4. Holding a spouse accountable for misdeeds can result in a lot more money in your pocket at the end of the divorce process.
  5. The most expensive thing of all is not knowing whether your spouse has one foot out the door!

So what makes an investigation so expensive?


Our investigators are serious mid-career professionals who deal with the very same problems you are having dozens of times each year. They have seen all the pitches, know all the tricks and know how to put their experience to work for you.

At 303 Alpha we have state-of-the-art surveillance tools and techniques, extensive resources for mining social media platforms plus unparalleled investigative databases that let us tie parties together through location data and assets. When you are having once-in-a-lifetime crisis affecting your children, home life, finances, work or retirement plans, then you need an investigation by experienced professionals. That's the 303 Alpha advantage!

Pro tip: remember that the investigation is the necessary underpinning of your case. Price is what you pay; value is what you get!