Very few investigative firms have the resources or expertise to stop construction theft in its tracks. At 303 Alpha, we have the industry knowledge and experience to help owners, contractors, subcontractors and insurers stop the bleeding immediately. We can help your company develop targeted anti-theft efforts, company-wide anti-theft and anti-fraud campaigns or all of the above.

If you suspect infidelity from a spouse or partner, calling 303 Alpha is the first step towards finding out what's actually happening in your life. We will work with you to discover what’s happening and with whom. Whether you want to try and reconcile with your spouse or proceed with the world's fastest divorce, we will help you find the information you need in a kind, discreet and timely manner.

We consult with our clients and their attorneys to mitigate: High-Risk Employee Terminations; Mass Layoffs; Asset security during ownership and management changes; Adverse effects from protesters and political extremists; Workplace violence requiring an armed response; High-risk custody exchanges and emerging DV situations; Asset location and seizure; Executive Protection (EP) and secure transportation; Close protection; Missing persons

We specialize in business investigations including: Investigative Due Diligence; Investigations for Investors and Owners; Workplace Theft and Fraud; Asset Tracing and Recovery; Background Investigations

Litigation Support; Political Risk Assessments; Opposition Research and Dossier Preparation; Employee Time Theft; Undercover Investigations; Pre-litigation and Pre-Arbitration Asset Assessments





We are in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime revolution in how people share their personal information...and how the rest of the world accesses and analyzes it.

At 303 Alpha, our company is built around the idea that we can process data into intelligence to drive the fieldwork of our licensed private investigators. It works.

303 Alpha will help you acquire the information you need and put it to work for you.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

“The quality of service was excellent. I was trying to find someone who was hiding to have contempt of court paperwork served. It took about a week, but due to complete professionalism and thoroughness, the defendant was served successfully. Communication was outstanding throughout the process. If I ever need to hire someone again, this is my first choice.”

"Where do I start? Well if I could give 10 stars it wouldn't be enough! If you need a private investigator? Look no further. This guy is amazing. I needed some reassurance and 303 Alpha was on point. Best customer service I have ever had. He went through every detail from criminal records to dating websites address and criminal histories. All of it."

“I felt that 303 Alpha Investigations was invested in the outcome of my case compared to others I had talked to.  They also had great people skills. They also made sure to be the best stewards of my finances for their services. Thank you 303 Alpha Investigations! :)”